The powered USB 3.0 What are the advantages?

USB 3.0 in the handling and the way external device has several advantages.

    First, it increases the power used for the equipment. In low power mode, USB 3.0 provides a 150mA current, which is more than USB 2.0 also adds 100mA. In high power mode, USB 3.0 offers up to 900mA, 500mA than USB 2.0 high current. The power increase means to charge USB devices faster and more USB peripheral devices can not use the AC adapter to power on the run.

    Again, the standard provides a new power to keep options, including a new power state, such as idle and hang. These options allow the device when not required when receiving a little less power. With the kind, since the USB 3.0 no longer continuous polling the interactive device connected peripheral device does not make their own battery power quickly decreased.