Car Charger Buy Tips

    As the automotive industry continues to evolve and progress , cars becoming increasingly popular, so now many electronic products are beginning to emerge , such as : GPS positioning system, electronic dog , car audio , car TV , car boiler , car charger , etc., but many products are not generally able to install car consumption , so affordable yet highly practical products have been green Mi consumers , and car charger is one such product.

Car Charger Why Green Mi by consumers do ?

    First , many car owners are busy career people, many phones to pick , but also with the popularity of tablet PCs , many people in the car when they are in the busy things work, which led to the use of electrical electricity sharp decline also led to work at inconvenient, and may even bosses, customers are unable to call emergency telephone to listen to , and how can we guarantee that the cause of smooth it ?

    Second, the car charger can be used with the value of the owners to give you a better quality of life provided . Owners more convenient lifestyle , there are car owners is the best example of it.

    Third , car charger powerful features and stylish appearance is a major selling point , and now the market has seen no less than 3000 kinds of different car charger stylish appearance , but also their quality is uneven, stylish appearance while often also include some structure is not complete, so that there will be a poor quality chargers may damage the car does not necessarily bearing .

    Fourth, recommend a car charger, Chan Ye Electric Car Charger NT-680, also has a stylish appearance at the same time more powerful , dual USB charging alone can output 2.1A input current can be entered when 1000ma dual-use input current , powerful features is LONGRICH research team three months and nights of research, the structure is reasonable coupled with stylish looks safe to buy many owners first choice.

Car Charger , NT-680, dual USB charging high-end configuration , the owner 's first choice


Car Charger Caution:

1. must be in the car when the engine is started before they can charge .
2 . Do not use in wet environments car charger
3 . Do not put car charger stored in humid conditions
4.Use the proper temperature of 0-45 ℃
5 . away from children to avoid the lightning
6 . has been charged to promptly pull the plug

Car Charger purchase necessary precautions :

1 , car charger with overload protection ,
2 clearly between appliances and car charger input current and voltage problems .